Thursday, August 1, 2013

Homeschooling: Getting Back in Action

I went on a nice early morning walk today with a friend. The fresh air does something wonderful for me and I am always left thinking, "Why don't I do this more often?" I'm making a plan to get back in action!

And not just with walking, but with homeschooling too. Are you there yet? Ready to get back into action with school just around the corner? It's  August 1 today and I'm feeling back-to-school mode is in the air, ready or not. I tend to prefer a long summer while not rushing going back to school, but homeschooling has afforded us the options of educating in every season as a lifestyle rather than a schedule. This perspective has been a blessing.  Over the summer we have relaxed a lot, but also kept up with math and reading on a flexible routine. I like to keep their heads in the game to where there is no real, "going back," when fall comes around. We've been learning all along and it makes it easier to open the books again when you haven't kept them closed all summer.

What is our agenda for the Fall? This is an exciting season as we are preparing for something new this year. We will be participating in Classical Conversations, a local, classical education, homeschooling group that has just formed in our area. We will continue incorporating Sonlight as we love all of their books and daily lesson plans. We also purchased Andrew Pudewa's Institute for Excellence in Writing program. I think we will be set for a while on curriculum and plan on taking or time as we go at our own pace. I look forward to the accountability of CC's weekly meetings and the theory of working until mastery rather than on a rigid schedule. We'll do our best to God's glory and by his grace!

It seems like yesterday we started this homeschooling journey and it's hard to believe we are going back to school with a 3rd grade girl and 1st grade boy. Not to mention our little preschooler, ever ready to charm and distract. Our work is cut out for us, but new curriculum and school supplies are motivating us to hit the ground running. While praying for guidance, direction and yes, lots of patience too, I couldn't be happier going back to school. Homeschooling families have the very best students...our own children! God bless you as you prepare for your next, or perhaps first,  season of homeschooling.

I am hoping to post some of the tools that have served us best, favorite books and sources of encouragement as we go through our year. Please join me. What is your plan?

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