Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Curious about Oprah's Spiritual Perspective?

"Do you watch Oprah?" This has often been a question that when posed to me brings anxiety. The truth? Yes, I watch Oprah on occasion. I enjoy her engaging personality and celebrity guests. I also detest some of her shows topics and her perspectives that don't coincide with a true christian perspective. Granted, these unbiblical topics and perspectives would bother me coming from any media source, but they trouble me more particularly when they come from Oprah because she often identifies herself as a Christian believer.

Therefore I am left with anxiety when I am approached with the question, "Do you watch Oprah?" I have been looked down on by fellow believers when I confess that, "Yes, I do." It's also been a source for conversation with non-believers and an avenue to share my faith. I've even been known for sending an email to Oprah explaining my frustation with how she contradicts herself from one show to another based on her guest and for not appreciating the value of marriage.

Oprah's show has brought me a lot of laughs, entertainment and cause for reflection. I still have a conviction about watching her show blindly however and I want to encourage others that if you choose to watch her show that you do so with a filter. Not everything on Oprah should be considered safe and as we approach all of life's matters we need to do so with a biblical perspective.

I'll never forget the christian philosophy professor who allowed us to watch an episode of Friends in class as long as we played, "Spot the Sin." That simple lesson sticks with me today as I am bombarded with media influences.

For a more in depth look at Oprah's spiritual perspective, you may find this article as interesting as I have. Remember to think critically.


  1. Hey Jen, funny you should write on this. i got an email-forward this week..about oprah and her plugging this new age jesus. very scary stuff...anyway..i sent it to julie..who likes oprah and she sent me this response...much like what you are saying:

    ***I like Oprah mainly because she addresses some topics that are applicable to me/most women (eating right, weight loss, good books, interviews stars, useful gadgets...) BUT I always take her with a grain of salt. I only watch those more neutral shows and ignore all the new age religion crap and anything political. I actually was interesed in reading her next book club book but when she introduced it, I new what it was going to be like. She's like most things in this world (magazines, books, tv, newspapers)- you have to filter what you read/ believe. That's my take.**** take...beware...2 Timothy 3:5 says..."having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away."

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