Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Missing sock on Isle J

I was running frantically through Target the other day trying to find a missing sock. My 7 month old little boy hates wearing socks, but it's cold outside and he needs them. Not to mention it was literally freezing outside and the socks are new and quite adorable I might add.

The whole family was with me, including Grandma, when we checked out at Target and I realized only one sock was accounted for. I saw the look in my poor families eyes. They all knew what was about to take place and quickly began their pleas and protests but not before I began running. I shouted something over my shoulder like, "I'm not leaving without that sock and you better not leave me either!"

And I was off. Like a trained athlete at the starting line I ran full speed ahead. Like a race car driver I was weaving in and out of isles. Past A, B and C and a sharp turn toward J, K and L. Yeah, if you haven't tried to buy anything off a Target gift registry, you may not know what I'm talking about here. Target's isles are alphabetical, just like the dirt roads of the small town I grew up in. It may sound like a good idea, but it's not. The alphabet is a straight line with out intersections!

Anyway, just when I had back tracked half our steps and was going in for the kill and working up a sweat from the mission, I ran into an old friend I had not seen in years. How could I not comment on her completely new hair cut, mention the birth of my most recent child or briefly explain why I was sprinting? With a quick, apologetic exchange I gave her my new number and promised to blog more. I think she's the only other person that has read my blog besides me and I didn't even tell her about it.

As I ran away from her I shouted something over my shoulder like, "I've got to find that sock!" Just then the face of an angel appeared. Okay, maybe not a literal angel, but in the least, a good Samaritan. He was dressed in flannel and smiled kindly as he said, "Is it yellow and blue?" "I saw it on isle J." He must have noticed my exasperated expression because he began guiding me through the maze of alphabetical isles to isle J where to my amazement laid the little striped sock that in that moment closely resembled the gold metal at the finish line. I thanked him graciously and ran to claim my prize of admiration and shock from my whole family who were patiently waiting for me at the front doors of the store.

I felt like giving an acceptance speech and thanking them for believing in me and supporting me even when they didn't. But then I realized, I had only picked up a sock we dropped at Target. Now it was time to go to Sam's Club. And I thought the Target cross country course was long?

Thank you God for rewarding me in the small ways. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference in a Mom's world. Today it was a sock at Target.


  1. i read this to ben and he laughed and laughed. and then he said.."that is extrememly well written..she should put that in a magazine"
    so good for you. you found the sock and you continue to hone your writing skills..and for the record..i read your blog too:)

  2. hilarious.
    yes. you´ve always been a good story teller!!!
    thanks for that one.
    love you.