Monday, February 25, 2008

Get a Plan

Having trouble staying on task with your daily devotions? If you're like me the day can go by so quickly and before you know it you've missed a day. I like to pray and read verses, but bible study takes focused effort and I'm guilty of not making it the priority it needs to be EVERY day. I'm making a plan though. Getting discouraged doesn't help. I never seem to run out of time to check me email real quickly. So, with the encouragement from our pastor, I checked out A planned devotional will be emailed to me every day. And if I stick to it...I'll have read the bible in a year. The nice thing is there's not just one plan, there's many! Check it out and see what plan might work for you. If you've got your daily time in the word already down then make a new plan to step it up. Memorize.

Thank you God for your faithfulness and blessing. Help me in my devotion.

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