Friday, October 19, 2007

Recent Toddler Talk

My daughter, Abigail is two and a half. She recently learned a phrase commonly used by 2 year olds known as, "That's mine."

Abigail was explaining to me that she possessed something that she didn't particularly want to share and stated, "That's mine's."

I said, "No Abigail, It's 'mine.'"

My intention was to emphasize that "mine" is singular, not that her posession belonged to me.

To this she responded, "No Mommy, It's mines!"

I could tell this wasn't working, so I restated my point by emphasizing the singularity of the word "mine."

"Abigail, you need to say, 'It's Mi-ne (my nuh).'"

Instead of saying, "It's mine's," Abigail now says, "It's mine nuh"

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