Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Obedience seems to be a theme at our house this days. I wish I could say it's because we're excelling at it, but I'm afraid that's not been the case. We're working at it though and it's always a priority.

I am working at it myself in relation to my personal devotions. I woke up early yesterday in an attempt to try a new routine in which I would have my quiet times before the children awoke. Besides yawning and prying my eyes open, it was a very wonderful time with the Lord. The rest of the day was EXHAUSTING! I was falling asleep by afternoon while holding Jackson. I think I'm going to have to postpone my plan for rising early until Jackson begins sleeping through the night. But I know I need to obey God's instruction to be in the word and a routine is key.

My two year old Abigail is struggling as well. She is beginning to test her parents boundaries in nearly every way. The sweet little girl who used to say, "Yes, Mommy." Now shouts, "No!" Where did my angel go and who is this mean spirit inside her? As I give her time outs and explain consequences to sin, I am reminded of the importance of obedience at every stage of life. It never changes does it? We will always benefit when we follow our Father's commands and obey.

For bedtime tonight I think I will be singing, Trust and Obey. Not just for Abigail, but for me too.

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  1. you are doing a good is a lesson we all are learning and relearning..all the time! i said yesterday..if we know the bible is ALL true..and it is ALL GOOD.. what is our problem? its that darn free will...

    love you