Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm Back From Vacation

I can hardly believe how long it's been since my last blog. Time has flown by. So many blog posts have been written in my mind and yet never made it to print on my blog. Does that happen to you too? You're thinking of a great entry, but you're in your car or falling asleep or taking care of your little ones. Well, I'm back.

I took a vacation with my family and it was wonderful. I feel refreshed. That's one praise.

The other is that two of my dearest friends are with child and I've spent most of my online time emailing them about the pregnancy, baby showers, delivery options and what I've learned on my journey into Motherhood.

I just simply can not convey how amazing it is to be a mother. I look into my 4 month old baby's eyes and melt at his innocense and unconditional love for me. Is there anything more pure? More precious than your baby's love for you? The way Jackson's eyes light up at the mere sight of my face leaves me overjoyed. I want to meet his every need and reflect a love just as pure back to him.

It reminds me of how precious the calling of motherhood is. God has allowed me to hold two of his creations and serve them as their Mother. What a responsiblity! What a blessing!

Enjoy your calling today. Look into your children's eyes and know God has chosen you to be their Mother...and love them.

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