Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Abigail's Prayer

Up until this week I would say my daughter's bedtime prayers with her before laying her down in her crib for "night-night." Since her vocabulary has increased at a speedy rate of late, I decided to change her bedtime routine up and take advantage of this wonderful milestone of learning how to express herself. I simply paused after she folded her hands and sat on her knees in front of me and asked, "What would you like to thank God for Abigail?" Such a simple question unfolded an incredible blessing. There's nothing quite like hearing your child pray. Here was Abigail's response:

Thank you God for Miriam. (Her cat.)

Thank you God for friends.

Thank you God for ducks.

Thank you God for sea turtles.

Thank you God for puppies.

Thank you God for Veggie Tales.

Thank you God for butterflies.

Thank you God for Jackson. (Her baby brother.)

The end.

I think I will follow her example and end my day thanking God. She's on the top of my list of so many blessings. What do you have to be thankful to God for today? Have you asked your child the same question? Their response may be the greatest blessing of your day.


  1. There's something about the simplicity of a child's prayer.
    I'll have to stop by during my 'school break' and check this blog out a wee bit further!

  2. Hey..its great tat ur praying with ur kid..
    Have a great week..