Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nice Day, Happy Heart

It's suppose to near 71 degrees today. I'm thrilled. My daughter and I have been locked up inside with colds for what seems like months. We go out, but we always return with either a lingering one a new one. Today's weather just makes me feel better. I love having the windows open and feeling the breeze as I type. When Abigail wakes up we'll be running errands without heavy coats and hats and without the need to be rushing in and out of stores in the cold wind. Instead we'll take our time soaking up the sun, feeling the warms breeze on our faces and smiling. I think we may even go ahead and welcome spring today by taking our initial trip of the season to the park. She'll love that and I will too! Nice weather does the heart good! As my cousin Terri says, "It makes my heart smile."

Last night her Daddy took her to her swimming lesson and I video taped. (One of my favorite things to do as posted in my "About me") They were sooo cute and happy together. I was feeling pretty worn out by the time the lesson was rolling around (and really didn't feel like shaving my legs) and Daddy accepted my invitation to come home early and make the swim with her instead. It turned what could have been an exhausting evening for me into an exciting and fun evening for us all. I don't know who enjoyed it more really. She jumped into the pool for the first time and in such an adorable style all her own. She hesitates then squats and then steps and leans into Daddy. Very sweet and I'm proud to have it captured on video.

I hope I'll be able to have these moments with Jackson too. I wonder what his personality will be like and how he will approach similar situations. I'm really looking forward to meeting you little one. In the meantime, the furniture for his room has arrived at the store and I need to be making room to go pick it up. (Both in the "Office becoming Jackson's Room and the Car!)

Thanks God for the sunshine!

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