Wednesday, March 21, 2007

80 Days and Counting

Baby Jackson as I call him is moving all around today. This isn't anything new really as he is nearly always active. I wonder if this will be a reflection of what he will be like once he arrives. My due date seems to be quickly approaching as I look at my calendar. Today I sat down and actually counted the days and I found encouragement from seeing that there are 80 days left before my due date. There is still time to be productive! Now, if I will just make the most of that time.

I took my own advice from yesterday and reviewed the flylady's website. My little girl has been a handful today and when I put her down for her nap I wasn't ready to jump into cleaning. I needed a break and figured her website was the most productive break I could take. I appreciate her enthusiasm for making a home a refuge and retreat. My desire for this is great, but my enthusiasm for the tasks required is small. Thankfully, her enthusiasm can be contagious. Her daily reminders are what I need some days.

Spiritually, I have found my daily devotionals and an occasional stop by the girltalk web site to hit the spot. Personal time in the word and in prayer along with what feels like a little online fellowship does my heart well and helps me keep things in perspective.

I'm a young wife and Mom and realize I still have lots to learn. I thank God for all the little blessings along the way. What blesses you in the midst of your daily routine? Please do share.

Have a wonderfully blessed day.

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