Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meet the Neighbors

Thanks to everyone who wrote an encouraging word and or prayed for Abigail and myself as she recovered from her GI illness. Today was a welcomed day of everything staying inside her little body that was supposed to! I just put her to bed and thanked the good Lord for her health. I read a blog entry that captured all of the emotion of seeing my little girl so ill this weekend and then watching her recover at
It's worth the read if you have the time and also just a great blog. Events like these remind of what is truly important.

We finally were able to enjoy this beautiful weather that we had planned on last Thursday when she got ill. We kept it simple and went on a walk in the community. Abigail especially enjoyed the pretty daffodils in bloom which delighted the older gentleman who had planted them in front of his home. He told us of his Hungarian heritage and how he has lived here for 22 years. On the way back we caught up with another middle aged gentleman who has two dogs that have taken to Abigail and she reciprocates their affection happily. Abigail giggled as she watched our Chinese neighbor who is her own age trying to climb a tree rather impressively. His Grandma doesn't speak English but enjoys visiting with us almost daily.

Why do I write all of this? Just to share the reminder it was to myself that spring and walks in the neighborhood aren't just wonderful because of the weather, but the opportunities it gives us to interact with neighbors and others who we would otherwise never make plans to visit in our daily routine. So I encourage you to open the windows and let the inside germs out and fresh air in and then get outside yourself and make a point to say, "Hello," to those who cross your path.

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