Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Death by minivan? Maybe it's not so bad.

My husband came home early from work today feeling nauseous. I made another run for Gatorade, Ginger Ale, & white bread. Hopefully he won't get nearly as bad a dose of this bug. Fortunately, Abigail is back to her usual playful and wonderful self once again. We decided to skip swimming lessons tonight just to be safe.

Another topic at hand in our home is car shopping. We currently have a four door sedan and with another little one on the way we are seeing the need for more space. We do a lot of traveling back home which is a 3 hour road trip and we need space for luggage. As of now we'll have space for 2 car seats and a stroller and nearly be maxed out. I really kicked at the idea of driving a minivan, but the more shopping we do the more I realize it may be our best option. Have any of you faced this dilemma in your home already? Any insights for us? If we could afford a new crossover that would be my first choice, but I think we'll probably play it safe and by something a year old that's already built a reputation for safety. We'll see.

Thank you God for working on my heart and the issues I have with pride regarding driving a minivan. It is only by your grace that I can consider making this the vehicle choice for my family. You remind me of what's important and what may seem important, but truly isn't.

My husband went to bed early. That means no LOST for me tonight because we make an effort to watch it together so we won't be tempted to give anything away. I'm recording it instead. It's our current favorite show.

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