Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rosemary Wells

This one's for you Lorrie! So much for my New Year's Resolution. It's been since March that I last posted. Life has been busy here! But what family with 3 young children isn't? Life is very good though.

A brief update. We felt God confirming our decision to home school our daughter for her first year of Kindergarten. This has been a wonderful decision for our family although sometimes daunting. We chose Sonlight as our curriculum and have been very satisfied and highly recommend it to other first timers. It helps me stay focused and organized on a daily basis and it is to be commended for that alone! Thank you Sonlight.

Abigail is learning so much already and it has been a joy being a part of her learning experience. Today we are writing to the author of a book we just read aloud together entitled, Mary on Horseback by Rosemary Wells. Abigail enjoyed the book so much and I must say that I did too! A bonus feature was that it mentioned our home state of WV. :) It wasn't until I read the authors bio that I made the connection that she is also the creator of Max & Ruby.

The snow is coming down this week and it has been a blessing to curl up and read with my children, watch Abigail do her math work while addressing Christmas cards and continue caring for one son as he recuperates from a recent viral illness that required hospitalization for four days last week as well as care for our 4 month old. I am thankful for home schooling and the blessing it has become. We will continue to pray about this decision each year.

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