Friday, September 18, 2009

Step of Faith: Testing the waters of Homeschooling

I feel like I've entered an entirely new culture. We recently decided to take the step of faith into the world of homeschooling and it didn't take long for me to feel in over my head in a foreign land. My first question: "Where is the tour guide?"

When my husband and I were "on the fence" about several schooling options for our 4 year old daughter, we toured a few schools and attended a Christian Homeschooling Conference. By the end of the conference, my mind (and heart) had no doubt that God had pointed us in the direction of homeschooling. Granted, I don't feel like this is the only way to educate my children, but that I need to give it my best effort before considering any other options.

This year is kind of a trial run for us. September is month #1 and I'm already feeling incredibly challenged. I wanted to keep it simple and bought one weekly planning book. It's challenging (for me & my daughter) to transition from being the Mother who told her daughter every picture she ever drew was beautiful to now correcting and instructing her from a teacher's perspective. We've both felt the highs and lows over these last three short weeks. It's exhilarating to watch her little mind grow and see her satisfaction as she progresses.

I look forward to documenting and sharing more about our journey as a rookie homeschooling family. Hopefully the lessons we learn and share here will benefit others following in our footsteps.

What resources would you recommend for a Mother preparing to homeschool? Have you considered homeschooling yourself?


  1. This is our 7th year homeschooling our children. It is a huge sacrifice, but well worth the effort. There is almost too much information "out there" for homeschooling and can be quite overwhelming.

    Here are a few web sites that have been an encouragement to me over the years.

    God bless you as you begin this adventure!

  2. I have homeschooled my two oldest step-daughters(19 and in college, 17 and in 11th grade)and now beginning my preschool daughter. It is Quite a journey:-) I have used several different approaches. My oldest was really trial and error because we were just starting out. By the time the middle one decided to go homeschooled, I had more of my ducks in a row, and some wits about me. I use the Pearables for bible studies, character training, and Home Ec(both younger girls). The middle daughtr is using Drive Thru History(history),The Easy Spanish(spanish) and Time4learing(a secular online curriculum because she is not where I think she needs to be academically). I use various sources for my preschooler. But we are mainly using the Rod and Staff curriculum(check this out because it is scripture based and VERY cost effective) with her. She will be four 10-4-09, and has expressed interest in reading, so I have started on The Eplode the Code Reading and Phonics series. She does site) for Phonis sounds.She uses and a scripture based Handwriting curriculum called A Reason for Handwriting.
    If you have two preschool aged children, I would also suggest Little Hands to Heaven from Heart of Dakota( This is a hands on Chritian curriculum that can be implemented with more than one child. I would loved to have done it with my preschooler, but she LIKES book work!!!!
    Here are some websites I use for FREE. They could also be used as a Complete curriculum. There is a complete bible study program on dltk. I use it with my Sunday School class too:-)
    There are so many resources for Homeschooling. But these are the one I keep going back to.
    Good luck and you can always contact me anytime.

  3. ...oops! The website is It's a little early in the morning and my Tea has not taken effect yet(lol). Sorry for the typos, too.