Friday, April 25, 2008

Superman Vs. Finding Nemo: Toddler Quotes by Abigail

Setting the stage: Daddy (Andy) and Daughter (Abigail, 2 yrs. & 10 months)) are competing for the television while Mommy (me, Jenn) is making dinner and watching Son (Jackson, 10 monts).

Daddy puts in his Superman DVD and begins watching.

"See Abigail, this is Daddy's favorite movie. Don't you want to see my favorite movie?"

"No Daddy, I want to watch my movies."

With more enthusiasm in attempt to persuade Abigail Andy excaims, "Abigail, Superman makes Daddy want to fly!"

Abigail doesn't seem impressed.

Realizing Abigail doesn't understand how much he loves Superman Andy explains, "But Abigail, Superman is my favorite movie like Finding Nemo is your favorite movie."

This sparks a reaction and Abigail appears very contemplative over the comparison.

With great excitement she says, "Daddy, let's watch Finding Nemo. It makes me want to swim!"

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