Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Normal Nostalgia or Just Nuts?

I've been thinking about my daughter Abigail a lot this evening. I keep noticing these incredible growth spurts in her vocabulary and comprehension. Even her emotional development amazes me. She's been encouraging me and Jackson throughout the day. She's quick to help wherever she is able. We laugh so much together everyday.

Her most notable progressions were April 16th and April 27th. These dates go down in history marking when she first began "pee-peeing" and "pooh-poohing" in the potty. We worked on these goals off and on for quite some time, but with the addition of a baby brother and two moves, we didn't really focus until this month. I couldn't be more proud of our potty trained little girl.

So what's the problem? This is what I wanted for so long. But now that she's potty trained, I realize that I have changed her last diaper and my baby girl has progressed to one more stage of independence and therefore, she needs me less. Could it be that I'm nostalgic over diaper changes? It just all goes so very fast. I'm so thankful for everything that God is doing in Abigail's life. I just pray he will prepare me for every growth spurt along the way.

My precious baby girl is growing up.


  1. You're not nuts; you're a mom. These days are long, but the years are short. I totally understand what you mean. Have you read any of the Baxter books by Karen Kingsbury? In "Return" one of her characters writes a poem for her son's wedding. It's about all the "lasts". We all catalog the firsts of everything, but if we realized this was the last time, maybe we would have recorded those, too. It's a tear-jerker, but very true. I go through the same thing with almost every milestone, a bitter-sweet victory.