Monday, July 2, 2007

Minivan Mama

It is done. I just gave my consent for my husband to go purchase our first mini van.

This is a big day for us as a family and for me personally. It's taken me a long time for to come around to this idea. I'm embarrassed to say that I've kicked, screamed and cried. What brought me to the decision ultimately though was prayer. I knew only God could make this transition happen for me and he faithfully came along my side and showed me the reasons this was best for my family.

I put my pride aside and was impressed how my heart changed. After being blessed with two little ones my priorities have changed. I want what is safe and best for them and our family. I don't need the sporty or cool vehicle. (Even though I may want it.) What I want most is for all of us to be able to ride together safely in a vehicle that will serve our family well. Maybe we'll even bless others as we now have room to offer someone else a ride for a change.

Abigail loves the van. We took it for a test drive today and she insisted on going with me. What's funny is how much I enjoyed all of it's features. It made me realize that even if it's not the image I wanted to portray, this vehicle is made for the lifestyle I lead. Abigail had her own air conditioning and I had a special mirror just so I could keep an eye on her. We will have lots of room for all the strollers, play yards and diaper bags. Taking trips to WV will never be something we have to pack lightly for anymore.

So today we've hit a milestone as a family. And this Mini van Mom is still smiling. Thank you God for your blessings even when we don't notice them at first glance.

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