Monday, May 7, 2007

Getting Ready for Baby

I'm back! I was out of the blogging business for a while as we moved our "Office" from the upstairs to the basement in order to make room for baby Jackson. The furniture arrived and my husband has it all put together. It's really happening! We're going to have a baby soon! We are on the one month count down. We should have a little boy's Noah's Ark room coming together soon.

In the meantime we have made business trips, family/friend visits away and at home, and unfortunately some family trials as well. We're going through a difficult time communicating with some of our family our love and affection while not always making the decisions they want us to make regarding how much time we spend with each side of the family. It's heartbreaking to see people you love hurt.

On a positive note, the baby is growing and developing well. Abigail is healthy and happy. And we are thrilled to be slowing down a little and focusing on welcoming our new baby into this world. God is so good and faithful through all of life's seasons.

Have a Great Monday!

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