Tuesday, August 12, 2008


If you haven't noticed, my blog has become somewhat stagnant as I have allowed lengthy lapses of time between posts. I tried but blogging in this forum is just not working for me at this season in my life.

I want to share information and insight in an attempt to inspire and encourage others. What I've found is that this format isn't really effective at accomplishing that goal with the limitations I have in regards to time.

My first focus is my family. I want to focus on making progress in the home arena and blogging has become a distraction and now a disappointment. I have to let it go and thus release my feelings of anxiety regarding my lack of posts. Not to say that I won't be writing and blogging, but I will be doing so on a more personal level on a private blog. Eventually I hope to post here again and will try to post on occasion as I feel I'll be more successful when there's no expectation.

Thank you friends who have encouraged me in my writing and posting. I have been blessed by you here. Keep up the blogging and keep your families first!


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