Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Moving Day

Abigail woke up this morning at 2am. She was trying to "get the spider's off" herself. Her temperature was 104.7. We took her to the ER as advised.

We've been nursing her fever all day along with her runny nose, sneezes, itchy eyes and decreased desire for food and drink. It's been a long day. Her fever returns before it's time for the next dose of rotating tylenol and motrin.

We took her to the urgent care center tonight as advised if the fever continued. They diagnosed her with the flu although she got a flu shot this year. ;/ Some strains are covered. She's on medicine to improve her symptoms.

Thank you God! This evening the weight has lifted as we see marked improvements in our little girls health. It's amazing how quickly you can gain perspective in 24 hours.

In the ER when the Dr. asked if we had any more questions or concerns before discharge we were quiet for a moment as we thought and Abigail, who hadn't spoken hardly at all up to this point, chipped in as she looked at me and asked, "Did you tell him about the bugs?" She was so upset about hallucinating that bugs were crawling on her bed and on her and she wanted to make sure we didn't leave before that issue was addressed. We were so amused by her question and concern. She's growing up on us right before our eyes and what a blessing it is to be her parents even on her sick days.

Side note, she's wearing her Bruce shirt from Finding Nemo on Ice, wearing rainbow striped pants and her Dora the Explorer Back Pack that her Daddy picked out for her when he filled her prescription. I picked up some Finding Nemo sippy cups as a treat to try to encourage her to drink more fluids and she's been carrying the shark one with her wherever she goes. I never knew I could love a little girl so much.

It's been a moving day. And speaking of moving...the Lord is answering a prayer for us that has been on our hearts for the last three months. Thank you Father for being near to us. It's been a journey but you have been beside us and faithful. We love you.

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